Church Founders / Board of Directors
Dr. Cecil E Barry - (Senior Pastor/President) -  has been called by God to share powerful
teachings that have changed and transformed his life, and the lives of others. At the age of 26, he
committed himself to Christ Jesus, and has dedicated the past 10 years developing a personal
relationship with God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, learning to hear and follow the
voice of God. God has instructed him to share what has been taught to him, with others. He has
been called to preach the Word of God, connect individuals to Christ, and help grow fellow
believers into a mature Christian walk with Christ Jesus. The mission given to him is to teach
the Word of God to both beginners in Christ and to those who are ready for spiritual
transformation. His passion is to spread the love and the compassion of God, to believers and
nonbelievers. Pastor Barry was born in Dallas, Texas, and resides in Frisco, Texas. While a
member of Kingdom Life Fellowship, he led the Men’s Ministry, preached sermons, and taught
Sunday morning Bible study. Cecil loves to teaching about God’s loving ways. He has worked
with the Prison Ministry of North Dallas Community Fellowship church, which visits Oklahoma
area prisons to preach and teach the Word of God to inmates. He also leads a workplace Bible
study group at his current place of employment. Pastor Barry is working on his Doctor of
Ministry degree at Colorado Theology Seminary. God has blessed him with a loving wife, Donna,
and his beautiful daughter, Ti’Ara. God has directed Pastor Barry to launch a church to support
Frisco/Little Elm, Texas area, to spread the teaching of the Word of God, so souls are divinely
connected to Christ Jesus.
Lady Donna M. Barry (Executive Assistance) - is an inspired woman, who is being led by God to
share his mission in her, through poetry.  He speaks to her in rhyme and poetic visions. She has
written many inspired poems. She is building her God directed assignment in collaboration
with her husband in leading a church in the Frisco and Little Elm area. She welcomes the
opportunity to visit with those who are looking for teenagers. She is a great speaker, who loves
to encourage others to seek the will of God. She knows what it is like to be injured, and having to
strengthen her faith in tough situations and circumstances to overcome.
God's Spoken Ways  
Connecting Souls To Christ
And Assisting Believers
In Reaching Christian Maturity
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Steven Beamon (Board Member) – is actively involved in Youth sports in the North Texas
Region. Serving on the boards for Destined To Run, Inc. and the North Texas Express Football
Organization, both of which he is a founding member. “I grew up in the Church, so the Church is
in me. I have been saved a long time and I just want to do God’s will”.  Steven loves music and
sports and has three young men to keep him busy.  During the college football season, he
attends every game of the Iowa State Cyclones, supporting his son who is one of the starting
defensive cornerback.
Minister Beverly Hulbin (Board Member) - is a licensed, ordained Minister of God currently
associated with St. John B.C. in Carrollton, Texas, and is mentoring the Chairperson of the
Ladies Mission Department.  She is a lover of people and has a special interest in youth.  In the
midst of enduring various trials in her life, Beverly passionately relies on Philippians 4:13 and
is serving a mission of instilling a “can-do” attitude through her sermons, motivational speaking
and by serving in her “CanDo All Things” Ministry.  Beverly manages programs for university
students as a Young Member Programs Administrator at a non-profit organization.  She is a
certified Christian Counselor and is currently completing graduate studies in Professional
Counseling.  Beverly is married to Jim and together they have a Brady Bunch of five children,
three grandchildren, 2 godchildren and the most important family member, their Shih Tzu, Sir
Barkley.  As Beverly serves her calling from God, she follows a heart of giving, serving and
sharing the love of our Lord.