Audio Teachings
God's Spoken Ways  
Connecting Souls To Christ
And Assisting Believers
In Reaching Christian Maturity
Willing Vessel – contains four topics
1) God is the Potter, 2) Key
components of a Willing Vessel, 3) An
Un-Willing Vessel, and 4) A Willing
Vessel. This teaching helps the reader
understand that Go made them into a
vessel for use.  It describes how the
reader can understand what type of
vessel they are. It encourages the
listener to become a willing vessel so
they can enjoy the promises of God the
Father and our Lord Christ Jesus.
Willingness to Surrender – contains
five main topics 1) Surrendering our
Beliefs, 2) Surrendering our Desires, 3)
Surrendering our Being, 4) Surrendering
our Purpose, and 5) Understanding the
Reward. This teaching goes deep into
“self” to speak about the things that we
are not willing to surrender to God. It
shares how hard it is for us to let go of
self, and let God be God. It encourages
the listener to look beyond this world into
the rewards that our Lord Christ Jesus is
willing to store up for us, if we would
surrender to him.
The Unacceptable – teaches the
listener about the things that we
continue to attached to our lives, which
are unacceptable to God. It touches on
learning to overcome, and being careful
of becoming so religious that you don’t
see that what you are doing is
unacceptable to God. It encourages the
listener to change their understanding,
and to being open to that which God
wants to change is us.
Allowing God to Reveal, Instruct, and
Guide Us
– teaches the listener that God
the Father and our Lord Christ Jesus,
has an interest in revealing, instructing,
and guiding God's people. If we seek
God, and allow His ways to become our
ways, then we will be able to receive all
that God is working to pour into His
people. Those who are open to the loving
ways of God, are in a better position to
deepen their relationship with God, and
live in the light of Christ Jesus
The Effects of Doubt and Unbelief
teaches the listener that having any
doubt and unbelief in us as believers,
will causes us issues with our faith. It
shares that we cannot go very far in our
faith in God with doubt and unbelief in
us. Overcoming doubt and unbelief will
ensure that we are free in Christ.
Without any doubt and unbelief in us,
we can be confidence that we will not
shrink back, and turn away from God
Establishing Your Faith
Teaching Collections
Learning to Believe and Trust in
– teaches the listener the importance
of placing all their belief and trust in God
alone. It speaks of going before God with
our hearts, ears, eyes, and mind open to
the ways of God. True believers believe
in the Word of God as the source for their
instructions and guidance, as they
continue to build up their belief and trust
in God. It shares, that truly believing and
trusting, is putting the ways of God into
Mastering Sin – this powerful
teaching, shares with the listener that
based on God's Word, we have to allow
the Holy Spirit to teach us how to master
our sinful nature. It is our sinful nature
that will keeps us sinning, after our Lord
Christ Jesus has wiped away the sins
that were being held against us for
judgement. We have been set free of
our sins, but we cannot desire the sins
that had us living outside of God's will
for our lives. We must remain free from
Trust Goes Both Ways– teaches the
listener how to develop their faith to the
point where they are totally trusting in
God. It then teaches the listener that God
desires to have trust in them. When  trust
between God and a believer is
developed, God provides them a portion
that is special designed to equip them for
their assignment and purpose. This
requires them place their total trust in
God the Father and our Lord Christ
Jesus.  You learn that trust goes both
ways between you and God.