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  • To preach and teach the Good News, and to develop excellent servants of God through the
    spiritual cultivation of His people

  •   To reach and care for the lost, unfulfilled believers, the widows, the poor, and those in prison
  •  To strengthen the Body of Christ through fellowship, compassion, and love
  •  To assist fellow Christians in growing and maturing in Jesus Christ

God has given Pastor Cecil Barry the vision of returning God's people back to sound teaching
and Apostleship doctrine. To develop a church where the pastor's, ministries, and
congregation are one with Christ, who is the head of the church. To create an environment
where anyone from any nation, who accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord, is received in love. To
move God's people into spiritual maturity in preparation for the second coming of Christ
Jesus.  To inspire those who are ready for change and spiritual transformation, and to assist in   
moving them forward in Christ Jesus. To encourage families to come to Christ as a unit, and to   
assist those who are single in living a life of devotion, so every soul created by God can
experience God's plan of salvation. To prepare a body of believers, who are confident that
Christ is with them, so they can experience the full measure of Christ in their lives while
here on earth, and the life to come.
God's Spoken Ways Christian
God's Spoken Ways Christian
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Connecting souls to Christ
and assisting believers
in reaching Christian Maturity
Developing And Unleashing Servant Leaders To Help Save God's People